It’s that time of year when the sun emerges, the pōhutukawa bloom, and we finally have a chance to head to the beach. Summer brings us Christmas parties and barbecues, New Year celebrations and family time. And there are a few small items that can make a lot of the travel and overexcitement easier when we have little ones to keep settled along the way!


For those still breastfeeding, having a way to store expressed milk can be useful – not just for you and your child, but for family members if you want to share feeding duties around! Express using your pump, then pop it into our Happii Bear Silicone Milk Storage Bag! As with our standard Milk Storage Bags, these ones are compatible with each interchangeable top – that means you can use the bags not just for storage but as a bottle with the Squeeze & Feed Attachment, as a feeding pouch by using the Silicone Feeding Spoon Attachment, or as a sippy pouch via the Silicone Sippy Spout! That means you can buy these while your baby is still a newborn and, with proper care, get years of use out of them.




For those who are getting started on the solids journey, a Fresh Food Feeder is the perfect thing to have to hand. But did you know you can also use one even before you start on the solids journey? Rather than putting solid food in, you can instead pop in frozen breast milk, which is just perfect for when your child is teething (especially since some babies start teething well before six months old). It’s also great during those hot summer months when your baby needs a little bit of extra cooling – a breast milk ice block is just the thing to help settle uncomfortable little ones – and it’s a nutritious ice block, as well! Just express and freeze some breast milk, then pop it into the feeder! Just make sure they have enough coordination to be able to hold the feeder and reach their mouth. Of course, you can continue to do this even after they’ve started solids, making it a quick, easy, and perhaps most importantly during these tougher times, cheap treat for your kids. Once they’re no longer having breast milk, you can swap it out for puréed fruits or any other ingredients that suit your family and budget. The Freeze-N-Feed Mini Combo is the ideal way to get started with this – it comes with not just the feeder but a mini, two-compartment version of our popular Pineapple Nibble Tray, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you need! Give it a go, and if you find you need more than just the two compartments, the full-sized version is ready and waiting for you to grab.




Whether it’s because of teething pain or just those little bugs that kids are so prone to picking up, sometimes you need to give your child medication – and that can often be easier said than done, especially when they’re small. That’s why we’ve introduced the SqueezieDOSE Silicone Dispenser. It’s made from soft, 100% food-grade silicone and has a nib shaped like a pacifier, so little ones are more likely to accept it. It also features dual-angled ports in the nib, so rather than sending liquids down your baby’s throat, it instead aims it into their cheeks, drastically reducing the chances of choking or spitting up. The clear measurement marks work whichever end you have at the top, making it easier to keep track of doses, and the suction base means you can keep it stable on flat surfaces while you’re getting yourself organised.





Finally, another of those handy things to have to hand is a way to trim those delicate yet surprisingly sharp fingernails. Our Baby Nail Care Set does an amazing job, but it does require batteries, and sometimes you just don’t have the time to go and buy new ones. But fear not – we now have the solution! The Happii Bear Rechargeable Nail Trimmer Set is, as the name suggests, rechargeable, so there is no more digging around trying to find new batteries! The trimmer body is now in the shape of a polar bear, with the trimmer pads slotting in to make a colourful nose. It’s cute, friendly and hugely appealing to kids, making it less threatening when it comes time to trim those nails!




Of course, there are many more things that make the holiday season easier to get through, including all those traditions your family has – whether old ones passed down or new ones you’ve developed yourself!


We’d like to wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas, New Year, and holiday season – 2023 has certainly had its challenges for us all, no matter where in the world we are, but we’ve made it through! And for one final reminder – remember to check your older children’s lunchboxes! Leftover food that’s been sitting for a whole summer might not be the thing you want to stumble across when school starts back. We’ll catch you again in 2024!