That’s right, it’s that time of the year again – time to introduce some of the amazing new products we’ve created over the past few months! From new ways to express milk easily, to a syringe alternative that makes giving your baby their medicine so much easier, we’ve got a lot. So, without further ado, let’s launch straight in!


Shell Wearable Silicone Breast Pump

 We’re going to start with perhaps the most exciting new product we’ve had in a while – the Shell Wearable Silicone Breast Pump. This deceptively simple little device has the potential to be a real game-changer and is a worthy addition to the Haakaa Breast Pump range. The Shell is a hybrid version of our pump, meaning it isn’t just a pump alone – it can also be used as a passive milk collector, just like our Ladybugs(link)! In fact, attaching them is rather like attaching the Ladybug itself. Simply press the back, centre over your nipple, and release. The suction level is much stronger at this stage than the Ladybug, however, which is why it can function as a wearable breast pump! Keep your bra over it and express milk while you get on with your day – how easy is that? What makes it different, though, is the valve on top. If you want to use it as a passive collector, or you just find the suction level a bit too strong for your liking, press the valve to let some air back into the Shell, reducing the vacuum. If the suction isn’t strong enough, press the back of the Shell again to expel air and increase the vacuum. It really is that simple! Just take care to check the level of your expressed milk before increasing the suction. To empty, place the Shell on its back on a flat surface and get your clean, sterilised bottle or storage container ready. Unplug the outlet on top, then pour the milk through. Reattach or clean & sterilise as needed.




Warming Breast Massager

 You may already be aware of our Breast Massager – a handy little gadget to help encourage let-down & milk flow and clear blocked ducts. What you may not know is that we now have an updated version – the Warming Breast Massager! This new version features five vibrating massage modes and two different heat levels. The heat and vibration functions can be used together or separately, giving you huge customisation options to match to your own comfort levels. It’s also waterproof, so you can use it in the shower (especially helpful when dealing with blocked ducts), and rechargeable – no having to hunt down replacement batteries! The soft silicone means you can comfortably massage your breasts, feet or back – anywhere you need relief from pain or tenderness.





Silicone Clover Teether

 If there’s one thing everyone with teething babies knows, it’s that you can never have too many teethers. Chewing is something they do constantly as it helps to relieve the pressure created as those new teeth push their way through their gums, so having a soft-yet-resistant silicone teether is ideal. That’s where the Silicone Clover Teether comes in! The softness means they’re not going to hurt themselves on sharp edges, while the food-grade silicone provides an excellent surface to bite down on while still being challenging to cause damage to – so your teether will last longer. The Clover Teether has a unique 6-leaf design that makes it easy for your little one to hold and easy to chew for a more settled teething experience.





SqueezieDOSE Silicone Dispenser

 Need to administer medications or other liquids to your baby but don’t know quite how to get started? The SqueezieDose Silicone Dispenser is going to be your new best friend. A specially designed replacement for plastic medicine syringes, the SqueezieDOSE makes everything so much more straightforward. The nib is shaped like a pacifier, so getting babies to accept it is much easier, while the shield prevents choking. It features Haakaa’s unique dual-angled ports, so the liquid goes into your child’s cheeks rather than directly towards their throat. There are also measurements in two directions – one set on the dispenser body and one on the bulb, so you can read it no matter which way up you’re holding it. It’s also been designed for one-handed use; you’ll be able to keep your baby settled in one arm and use your other hand to administer their medicine!




Freeze-N-Feed Mini Combo

 The Fresh Food Feeder you’re probably already aware of – but did you know you know have the option of getting it with a special mini version of our Pineapple Nibble Tray via the new Freeze-N-Feed Mini Combo? And wow, is the new tray cute. Being much smaller (two compartments rather than the usual nine), the mini Nibble Tray is perfect for taking away with you when you’re travelling or otherwise out and about, as it takes up very little room and can be put easily into your handbag. The portion sizes are the same as the standard version, so you know whatever you’ve frozen or baked will fit right into your Fresh Food Feeder!



Which of these fantastic new Haakaa products do you want to grab first?