Bust Oil and Breast Massager Combo

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The Bust Oil and Breast Massager Combo is the ideal partnership of products to take you through breastfeeding and beyond! The Breast Massager is perfect for a whole range of uses during your breastfeeding journey, while the Bust Oil plays its part once you've finished nursing, helping to restore and rejuvenate your skin. Save time and money with the Bust Oil and Breast Massager Combo!

1 x  Bust Oil 

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy or nursing!

Firm and rejuvenate postpartum breasts with our nourishing and soothing Bust Oil. Crafted from a unique combination of natural oils to help moisturise and tighten the skin, this everyday mama essential promotes improved blood circulation and encourages firmer, more supple skin. 

Each of the twelve oils work effortlessly together, contributing their individual strengths for the best possible results. On top of their skin-nourishing uses, they smell divine, making Haakaa's Bust Oil a double hit!

Please note: For best results, use each evening after a warm bath or shower and apply to damp skin.  

1 x Breast Massager

The Haakaa Breast Massager is the perfect portable device for any breastfeeding or pumping mum. It improves milk flow, producing faster letdown and emptying the breast quickly and effectively. It also carries major health benefits such as unblocking plugged ducts to prevent mastitis and relieving sore and tender breasts.

With seven different vibration modes and a soft silicone waterproof body for use in the shower or bath, this breast massager is a welcome addition to any breastfeeding mama's "must-have" list!   

    Each Haakaa Breast Massager comes with a USB charging cable and cloth storage bag.







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