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Meet the Winners of the 2022 What to Expect Feeding Awards

This year, more than 19,000 (!) votes were cast to help finalize the list of winning products.

Breast Pumps In Hong Kong: Which Is Right For You? - 2022

Spectra, Haakaa, Medela breast pump, all names you probably weren’t familiar with until your baby arrived! From electric breast pumps to manual breast pumps, wearable pumps and everything in between! We’ve round up the best breast pumps in Hong Kong and where you can buy them. Get to know the machine that is going to be your new breast-friend…

The Top Products Parents Put on Their Amazon Baby Registries - 2022

Whether you’re prepping to become a parent for the first time or have a few little ones already, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending list of must-have baby products out there. One way to wade through the many recommendations is to turn to the bestselling items that parents rely on year after year.

14 products to help solve your biggest breastfeeding challenges - 2022

We’ve rounded up some of the best tried and true breastfeeding products, from comfy nursing bras to the handheld pump mamas with clogged ducts swear by.

7 Best Manual Breast Pumps for Breastfeeding Moms - 2022

The best manual breast pumps you can buy, tested and reviewed by real moms.

25 Essentials The Baby Registry Doesn’t (Always) Include - 2022

As a first-time mom, or as an expectant mom in general, everything regarding baby can seem overwhelming. Not only are you adjusting to pregnancy and all it comes with—a growing uterus, hormonal shifts, indigestion, sleep problems—you're thinking about all the things you must have for when the little one finally arrives.