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All around New Zealand, young Kiwi girls are skipping school during their period because they are unable to afford sanitary products. As part of our ongoing efforts to end period poverty, for every Haakaa Flow Cup purchased, we will donate one to a Kiwi schoolgirl in need at a low decile school. Let the love flow and purchase your Haakaa Flow Cup today!

The Haakaa Flow Cup is the perfect alternative for women looking for a safe, simple, economical and waste-free way to manage their periods. Made from 100% soft and flexible silicone, the Haakaa Flow Cup is free from BPA, chlorine and other harsh chemicals that are found in conventional pads and tampons.

The Flow Cup sits comfortably inside the vagina, creating a seal that collects your menstrual blood. Alternative methods like tampons can absorb additional vaginal fluids, which can disturb the delicate PH and bacterial balance in your vagina, leading to swelling, dryness and odour. Haakaa Flow Cups can be worn for up to 12 hours and can be reused over and over!

The Haakaa Valve Flow Cup can be emptied without having to be removed. Simply open the cap and squeeze the stem – it’s that simple!

Due to hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned.

  • Small - 18ml
  • Large - 24ml

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New Zealand New Zealand
Great idea but not so comfortable/usable

The cup itself is great. It’s not too stiff doesn’t hurt/stretch you too much going in or out. I find the thickness and rib from the stopper on the tip uncomfortable. I’m also disappointed you have to squeeze the end on the right angle to get it to drain without taking it out. The convenience/cleanness of not having to take it out to empty when out is ruined by the fact that it still gets quite messy. Would definitely be better if you took the stopper out and it drained itself. I probably will try it again next month but at this stage I’m hoping to find something else to better suit my needs

Haakaa NZ

Hi there, Thank you for your feedback. The valve is an extra touch to help prevent anything from coming out however, we definitely understand your concerns and will happily take your feedback on board for future x

Fabulous - though maybe not for first time cup users

I got this cup as my first time trying out a menstrual cup, and I love it! The valve makes it easy to empty without having to take the cup out each time, which saves mess and time, and means you don't have work to get the cup repositioned correctly each time. A few caveats, though: As a first time cup user, it took me three cycles to actually figure out how to use the cup - I found that the valve confused the issue of creating suction, so for first time cup users, one without the valve might be a simpler introduction. Otherwise, just have patience and don't give up! I got there in the end. Also, I found that the cup has to be positioned quite low in my ******, so the stem sticks out just a fraction, which can be a really irritating feeling. However with a bit of wiggling I can usually find a comfortable position. All in all, a wonderful alternative to tampons! I look forward to ditching the tampons completely - I don't get that heavy, achey feeling that I used to get with tampons, and I don't have to worry about bringing spares when I go out.

New Zealand New Zealand
I love it! At first

I love it! At first it was a little bit daunting but after i got the hang of it all i can say is i should of tried it sooner.

Rosalie L.
Australia Australia
Not what I?�?d hoped for

I was quite keen on the idea of a cup with a valve as I have quite heavy periods the first few days and do need to empty it fairly frequently so I thought being able to do that without the need to remove it every time would be a bonus. However, the valve doesn?�?t work well - it is easy enough to operate, but because of the vacuum which forms with the seal of the cup in place, fluid cannot follow out unless there is some kind of air intake. I was only able to release about a quarter of the fluid before it would stop flowing through the valve. In hindsight it?�?s a pretty obvious design flaw. Apart from the cup not doing what it?�?s designed to do, it is comfortable and with my heavy flow I have found it leaks less than my current one. I will be opting for the regular short stem cup rather than this one in the future.

Highly recommend

I love my flow cup! I find it much more comfortable than my previous cup, both to insert and while wearing, due to the softer silicone. And the valve makes it so much easier to empty throughout the day. I won?�?t go back to any other brand or disposable menstrual products now

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